About Us

Crafting The Finest Attars and Ouds - Attarly In Love

The concept of perfumed oils is an art that has been evolving for centuries, beginning with intellectuals and visionaries who dared to dream. Through decades of exploration and innovation, attars and ouds have been revolutionized across time and space, blending together nature, science, and human beings.

Without trying to reinvent the wheel, here at Attarly in Love we’re endeavoring to redefine luxury and reintroduce ancient arts to the modern world.

Hailing from generations of ittar/attar and oud enthusiasts, we have been spellbound by natural fragrances for decades. Born in the Middle East to South Asian parents, we have had the privilege to be around natural scents our entire lives. The memories associate with our own fragrance journeys are ones that traverse into a past of tranquility, affection, spirituality, and a love of all things natural. So let us inspire you to be uniquely yourself and unearth your essence.

Why Attarly in Love

At Attarly in Love, we are dedicated to sourcing the finest ingredients to create scents that reinvigorate mind, body, and soul. We want to blend the endless beauty of nature with your limitless charm, combining fragrances and scents that compliment your essence.

When you use Attarly in Love scents, we want you to feel as if you’re stepping into a dream of your creation, where love of self and the world around you are abundant and all-encompassing. Our attars/ittars and ouds with your essence, can create magic.

Embarking on your Attarly in Love journey means you’re opening the door into a world of love, care, and empowerment. Meant to be a part of your self-nurturing routine, whether starting your day or ending it, you can set your tone with our ittars/attars and ouds that pulsate the rhythm of your soul. Without any distractions, you can be you, as our fragrances are 100% natural and alcohol free.